Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 23

Log: 13 long days and counting. I would not be telling the truth if I said I am ready. Mind and body is beat up. There are days I have thought of bagging the marathon and taking sometime off. 1 marathon a year is enough for me. I have had good races, but these final weeks have been painful and long. I put myself through more pain today. With the weekend full of activities and responsibilities in recruiting runners for the "World's Hoppiest 5K Road Race" the running has suffered. I decided to run at lunch today afte some much needed sleep. Everyday is a struggle in motivation to get out of bed. I ran 13 miles on of all things the treadmill. I did not have the time to plot a course and run. I wanted to beat my mind up a little for the 26.2 miles of pain that I am about to endure. The 13 miles on the treadmill were excruciating and laborious. Every step the pain manifested and radiated through out my mind and body, but I pushed on. Finished the 13 miles in 1:35:00, 45 seconds too slow from race pace. Granted the first mile was at a 8:15...

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