Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 5 & 6

Runner' Log: The weekend. Saturday was a to be a 10 mile tempo run at marathon pace. I had decided to run the Atlanta Track Club Singleton 10 Mile Race. The road race was in Tucker. I got there about 6:45AM. Signed in and paid the normal fee of $10.00. Runners started to gather after 7AM for the 7:30AM start. The race was a 5 mile and a 10 mile race.

My goal for this 10 mile training run was to hit marathon race pace.

I did a mile warm-up 10 minutes before the race. Grabbed a drink of water hit the start line and we were off.

The race was very technical with a lot of rollers and turns. There was limited water out on the course so I had to make sure I drank as much as I could at each water stop.

I ended the race 2 minutes ahead of plan. I actually was not feeling the run during the race. Felt sluggish, GI issues and some leg pain.

At the finish I grabbed a bagel and some water. They had just finished up the awards for the 5 mile race. Decided to hang around for the awards. While I was waiting the race director asked that "Corral Petty" come to the awards table. After a few minutes, I decided to go up. I said to the race director that my name gets butchered a lot and asked her is she looking for me. I gave my name and she said, "oh. You are not a woman!" I said, no. She advised me I was the Women's Master Winner. I told her she would not mind, but I am not going to accept that award. She laughed. They changed the standings and put me back in the Male category.

In the end, I was the Male Age Group Winner for the 10 mile race. I accepted the award, a beer mug and headed home.

Runners Log-Sunday: Rest Day.

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