Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 5

Runner's Log: Non-running day today. Trouble getting out of bed this morning. Very tired. Starting at 4:45AM I keep looking at the clock every couple of minutes as I faded in and out. By 5:18AM, it was futile that I was going to get anymore sleep. Got up and headed for the gym.

Swam a mere 2,400 meters. Only one in the pool from the start to the finish. This makes even a short workout in the water long. Stretched the foot out in the hot tub and headed to work.

Picking up a pair of running shorts this weekend that I will use for the next month and then on race day. Looking at a new pair of running shoes as well. Decided to go for last year's model of Nimbus again. The Nimbus 12's are not rated well. Have had my eye on the Brooks Ghost 3, but the price is a little steep.

Running the Singleton 10 mile event put on by the Atlanta Track Club in the morning. Race simulation and a good way to test my patience for maintaining the recommended pace on this training run.

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